Crossfire Wanaka at Criffel Junction

Offer your Criffel wedding or event guests new levels of fun

With Crossfire Wanaka’s targets minutes from the Woolshed at Criffel Junction, we can offer you unrivalled opportunities for fun during your Criffel Woolshed event. Talk to our team about all the fun things to do during your time at Criffel.

Crossfire offers a unique range of activities that will delight young and old:

  • Claybird shooting in purpose-built booths — can your guests hit moving targets?
  • Eight covered tees and a 220m golf driving range — test your guests’ golf skills!
  • A longer-than-most mini golf experience — fun for all ages over 18 mini holes.
  • A classic target shooting range — are your guests sharpshooters?
  • Three covered archery ranges — bow and arrow based fun for all!
  • A chance to win up to $600 on a 85m golf hole — can your guests hit the jackpot?
  • A battlefield game you won’t find anywhere but Crossfire — unique fun with forts, cannons and sponge balls!

Talk to our team about adding some Crossfire fun to your Criffel experience.